Trust In God

Let’s create a relation with our internal peace, the power of the universe that is beyond birth and death, which is everywhere, in nature, in humans. He is a father of the universe, an ultimate power, an actual meaning of love, and has so many words to write to define God but we cannot define him in words. Once you created relation with God and start loving him you feel like you have no need to be loved by anyone else but you yourself filled with love. And you will definitely love yourself and all universe because its created by God. your love will be without any relation without expecting anything from them and automatically become kind for objects created by God. Trust him in all states of life he will never let you fall. Relation with God is the only relation of the world in which there is no cheating. When you start trusting him you feel everything as a blessing of God. If we fee; even our breath is the greatest gift from God with which we can alive. we have to thank him for this life we have. Nature is a blessing, Rain, day & night all are designed for us, to keep us happy. And instead of appreciating, we start complaining. Live’s in God will life become much beautiful.

  • God is identified as the ultimate meaning, the god of the origin, and the central object of belief.
  • Many separate perceptions of God and conflicting interests about the characteristics, purposes,, and actions of God have led to the development of monotheistic ideas.¬†When we come to God like little children, life becomes more simple and peaceful.
  • Believing God is really just trusting that He supports everyone just feels that he will be perfect plans for us. And he the only one who truly wants to help you.
  • Many cultures identify God without comparison to gender, while others use gender-specific terminology or their translations.
  • Only God is one who’s always with us everywhere,
  • All of us have¬†faced with heartbreaks that taught us that we can only focus on god.
  • Trust in God and do the right.

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