The Womb

Many of us have this thought in our minds at least once in our lifetime. Why God chooses a woman to give birth to a child? Why God made her capable of carrying life for 9 months? Of course, I am one of you, and I also had this question a lot of time but it doesn’t sound like an intelligent question in our common life. Because if asked this question to anyone, the answer will either very obvious that she is meant to do that or maybe some other silly answers or maybe some scientific answers like body formation, genes et-Cetra. But does anybody talked about it seriously? At least I never heard anyone talking about this. A human is the best teacher for itself and that is for sure. Nobody can teach you better than you can do yourself. 

While talking about a woman, first we need to understand about the Earth. In India we call it Mother, not only because it was written in books but it actully carries lot of meanings. Most of us won’t understand because we got our plates serverd with delicious food without any efforts to grow it. But have you ever thought how that great looking food or wine or any thing that you are eating is beign grown.

The story starts with a seeding a Seed. When a farmer plows the fields with heavily equiped machine and tools. The Earth gives a life to that seed which came into her womb. That seed becomes a plant and then it get served to us. Have you ever listened the Earth complaining when you don’t bow in front of her for that food or see her screaming when the farmer plow it with the machine or may be crying while it get hurt. No, she never does. Because the God given her a lot of patient, she knows how to hold her anger. I am sure it doesn’t sound stupid at all. 

Now think, what if a man has to carry a life for all 9 months and undergo a lot of emotional and harmonal changes? 99% of the men will get it aborted. Because the power God has given to women is of extreme level. She can keep her patient to a high level, she can hold her anger and she actually knows how to take care of that little life that is getting developed in her womb. It’s not just about giving birth, if you look around you will find the answer in your mother, sister, wife, or any woman around you. You will never find her scream, complaining. She keeps nursing us in any condition.  

For few years we all talking and doing a lot about Woman Empowerment. The World is very serious about it and they are actually doing a lot. But are we changing our minds too?

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