According to me, spirituality is your internal feeling of happiness and gratitude. You can find it where you feel the peace and internal happiness that you never found in the things that you love most and in materialistic things. This is a feeling that is beyond every emotional feeling. this is the place of love where you stop thinking about unnecessary things in the world and totally relaxed for some time from your unnecessary thoughts. Some might find this kind of peace in their religious places church, temple, mosque, or gurudwaras.

To be clear about spirituality I read many religious books and I love to listen to my spiritual master words that described the spiritual path. If we really want to know about the spiritual path deeply then we need to read the life experiences of saints. Here I am going to share the life of my favorite saint.

Bulleh Shah

The name Bulleh Shah is a great example of love between master and disciple. He was a great soul. An innocent person who is totally different from the people of the universe. whenever I think about a suffism and love between spiritual master and disciple the first name comes in my mind is Bulleh shah. I love to read his books. His life was very difficult. As he is very beloved to his master but still his life was very difficult. His name Syed Abdullah Shah he was born in 17th-century Punjab. Bulleh Shah was a Punjabi philosopher and Sufi poet.

 So here I am going to share his journey, How he became a Great disciple of his Great master.
He was lived in a small village in Lahore. He was a priest in a mosque. He has full knowledge of all scripture. Once he met a person who told him about the word Guru (spiritual master). Then he said I am also a guru I have no need to make a guru as I am a priest in the mosque. After a few times, he felt his friend’s words about the spiritual master, He stuck in his own thoughts and think about why we need a spiritual master? Then he asked his friend about where I get a true spiritual master. His friend suggests to him about Shah Inayat. He was a great master of that time. Bulleh Shah decided to meet Shah Inayat. The next morning he starts walking to the Dera of shah Inayat. On the way he was stuck in his thoughts many negative thoughts come to his mind about the master, like is he a true master or not? maybe I am better than him? So he decided to check the internal power of the master. Then he saw mango trees in the field where his master was working. Bulleh Shah broke all mangoes with his internal power to check whether the master knows about it or not. Then Shah Inayat asked him you broke mangoes and Bulleh Shah was replied neither I climbed on the tree nor threw stones then how I did this. Then Shah Inayat answered with a smile have your doubts cleared or not. When Bulleh Shah really feels bad about his doubts and asks him about God. How we can reach God. Then Shah Inayat replied with simple words as he was working in the field of pinery he said Bulla it’s a simple process like pull pinery in one place to plant it in another land to grow. There was a great meaning in his words to explain the journey of human beings to reach God. His means by to consider an example of pinery from our attachments with the universe we have to break it from the universe and to concentrate on God. When we start to love God instead of the things we love. And we need to make efforts to please God. Bulleh Shah was very impressed by his masters’ words. He totally surrenders himself to his master. But his family was against him as he has belonged to a conservative and rich family, they believed in the caste system. Bulleh Shah has belonged to the general caste and Shah Inayat has belonged to the scheduled caste so their parents did not like Shah Inayat and Bulleh Shah’s relation with Shah Inayat. But Bullah was totally in love with his master he reached the 10th door of heaven. Bulleh Shah many times faced the cruel behavior of his relatives and family but his love for his master is pure.

Once there was a family function in his home he invited his master to attend this function to his home. But because of some work, Shah Inayat could not come and he sent his disciple to the function. The disciple was very poor and he dressed unwell. Bulleh Shah and his family ignored him at the party and not treated him well as a guest. The disciple goes back and told this whole story to his master (Shah Inayat). Shah Inayat felt very bad for this and said he is not seprate from me he is a part of me how Bullah treated him like that. And Shah Inayat breaks all relations with Bullah.
When Bullah realized this he felt very bad he want to be sorry but shah Inayat declined all his requests and not talked to him. That was a time when Bulleh Shah became a great Sufi poet he writes many Sufi kaffiyas in which clearly shown his pain of love with the master. After many years of wait, Bullah listens about a function in his master village in which ladies dance is ritual than Bullah dressed up like a girl and came to this function and danced with the ladies. He danced about many hours at last when he got tired and can’t even stand on his feet he falls down on his master feet. His master holds him and said are you Bullah and then Bulleh Shah replied no master I am forgetful. And his master gives him a warm smile and hold him with love

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