Selfless Service

Be a good human who can love unconditionally. “Be a giver, not a taker” learn to do something for others without expecting anything from them. If you get an opportunity to do something for others or to serve others than you have to take advantage of this time and thank God that God chose you to serve them. God gives serving opportunity only a few people or we can say that only selected persons got the opportunity to serve. From my personal experience of life, at some points, I felt that no one can appreciate my efforts, love, and care and I was depressed, felt upset, start complaining to God. Then I realized that there are many people who need help and many other things that we can do to please our heart. We don’t need a relationship to do something for others because relations gives us a reason to expect back. No matter how much we try and how many times we said that we don’t expect anything from others. But a bit expectation always in humans from their loved once even if they are our family, neighbors, friends wherever a relation exist expectations automatically generate to get something back in return. In other words, we can say that in relatives, friends if we give ten rupees in someone’s hard time than we expect at least two rupees back in our hard times from the same person if he or she can’t help us back we feel bad. that is part of natural expectations. So now I realized we have no need a relation to helps others we can help others without creating any relation, expecting. that is called selfless service, it is a symbol of true love for the universe.Nowdays people with good heart or good behaviour suffer a lot. People take advantage of our good behavior but still, we have to be good for them. I have always seen people change their good behaviour if someone cheat them, or not appreciate their love. Never change your good nature because of  people treated you bad and not appreciate your efforts. They need to change their behaviour not you.  

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