We all know that to maintain any relationship, we have to give time, It must have been an experience of all our lives. Similarly, if we want to create a good relationship with God then we need to spend a little amount of time in a day to pray. Pray is the strongest tool to protect us from all negativity and create a natural positivity. Almost all people believe in God and pray daily. Pray is a process of creating a relation with the invisible natural energy that sustained our beliefs. We know that God is one and we are using different ways to reach him. And worship according to our religions. People using different ways of worship to please God because our belief said he will protect us from all problems and strengthen us in every bad situation in life. He is a great listener about all our problems so we can share without any hesitation and, fear. Basically, a beautiful relationship that is only based on our beliefs for the power that is invisible. We have faith that if anyone takes our emotions for granted, he is seeing all the things.

We all use different methods to worship. When I started learning about Sins and virtuous deeds, and I got scared because some said after a death we will go to hell due to bad karma. To overcome that fear I usually write my mistakes in the diary as a letter to God to describe my mistakes which I did at an early age when I was a kid. With time, it became my habit that whatever wrong happened to me, what I did bad, I write all the things to God and also write about the solutions of those problems. I experienced that after a few months and years my life became like that which I used to imagine in that letter. So my faith became stronger day by day towards God. But we all know and believe that God is everywhere, he knows everything, But still, we feel that we should tell them through prayer that something wrong has happened to us. God gives us the right things, he is a light that always stands with us in good and bad also. So never stop praying.

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