Patience is a great quality of a person. Only a few people have this quality from their birth and else are learn it with time from their life experience. Patience is nature that teaches us to gives a hundred percent towards our goal and waits for it calmly with positivity to achieve without worrying about it. Or we can say a person who has the courage to tolerate rude behavior, unnecessary acts of people and doesn’t lose temper on stupid acts of people from their life is called patience nature.  But now, according to the current situation of unemployment all over the world so we think totally opposite what we learned earlier and what our parents taught us and parents also sacrifice their principles for kids better future. when we were in school our teacher and parents taught us to be calm in all situations and never be impatient. Just give your hundred percent for your Goal and never be impatient, What is made for you will come to you at right time. But now we just believe in to achieve success no matter how whether we sacrifice any principle of life for that, we are always ready. we think that we are in a race where we just need to run fast to achieve our goal.

Now, if anyone has a polite nature and the patience to deal with any situations fake people take them for granted. But still, we need to be polite and kind to the world for real happiness. And trust God will never let you down. Real happiness comes with an internal peace of mind. So a great saying says “no wealth is equal to peace of mind”. So let’s run behind peace and happiness, never sacrifice your principle for such little achievements it will steal your internal peace. And it converts your peace into anxiety. if people treat you wrong, then learn to tolerate, all have different natures from each other, Sometimes it becomes difficult to explain to someone, in this situation you should explain to yourself that may our thinking is different, our experience of life is different, we were face different problems of life, So we can take it as an opportunity of learning. Before starting an argument just think for a moment about why they behave like that what was the reason for their rudeness. You may find something deep inside them.

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