Whenever we talk about love, most of us think about love stories of boys and girls. But love is something that is beyond our thinking level. We all have different perspectives on love. Some say that love is the name of giving happiness without expecting. Some say love is giving your time to someone from your busy schedule etc. And many more definitions I heard, read about love. But as I experienced life I am surprised except our parents everyone else loves their needs only. Only a few people have the courage to love your demerits or only parents can do. If love is God then we should love everyone and everything. And love with God is an actual form of love like Meera loves for Krishna, Bulleh Shah love for his master, Sekh Farid love with his master, and many saints from a different culture and places show us the meaning of actual love. This is the most difficult form of love. and I can say love is the name of difficulties. Meera faced very rude behavior from parents, family, husband, and, other people for her worship and blind love for Shri Krishna. Prahlad’s devotions for God Vishnu made a reason his father hates him. True love is never easy. In a family, we are attached to each other, with relatives every small wrong act of them hurt us. if anyone does things opposite our expectation it definitely hurts us.

And if we talk about love stories of girls and boys mostly we just see an opportunity in someone that makes a reason for love basically. If it starts with real feelings then after a few times when they show a real personality of herself or himself then only a few have the courage and loyalty to continue the relation. Others choose to betray. And if it hurt one of them he or she immediately finds a replacement. So we can say nowadays people use humans as things. Not all but many of us give the name of love to a normal attraction. And the sooner it starts, the sooner it ends. People who have a good heart suffer a lot from this type of relation. Because they just see the positive side of a person and have the courage to accept him/her with demerits.

As per my perspective love is care that comes from your heart for someone, because a mother is most caring for us from our birth. Mother is a natural doctor for a child who knows the treatment of all diseases without any degree. Except for care, I don’t know which act of a human is called love. Parents give education to their children because they care about their future. Friends tell us long stories of failure when we are sad because they care for our mental health. So I can say care is a second word for love.


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