Live Fully

This life is an opportunity to do something different from others. We all are unique, and we all have different qualities, weaknesses. So never compare yourself with others. Let’s live our lives in a way that is fit for us. We never need to copy others’ life. Don’t be jealous of anyone if they getting something more than you. Because if God gives us a healthy body, food, parents, home then we are on the list of luckiest people on earth. But still, we are very much stressed about our life because from an early age we are surrounded by relations and people who taught us to think about the future, What you want to be in the future?, save money for the future, get enough marks to get a good job in future, In all our action’s we are thinking for future life. I am not saying that it is wrong or bad but now it has become a foundation of our thinking. We are always worried about the future, and unnecessary thoughts are struggling in mind, I don’t have a good job, My salary is not good how I become the richest person, how I buy the biggest house. And at the same time, we are used to saying who sees tomorrow, life is in today. But deep inside the disease of anxiety always gives us the reason for worry. Sometimes I start to question why I am worried, what is the reason that I am stressing and people around us, all are in the same cycle. We should appreciate it if we can earn food for ourselves and buy clothes, have a home. Then we are rich than many people. Appreciate your work if you have it because many people don’t have a job. They have a reason to worry. 
Let’s start to live this beautiful life as an opportunity. Live it fully, do work for your dream, and, leave all stupid completion behind and do something unique. check your ability. Start observing what you want? From where you get real happiness. then say no to things that is not given to you a happy moment”. As we know life is in today so we should live every moment of the day. Love your work. Make some rules for yourself and promise yourself that you never break them at any cost and in the first rule take your parents as a topmost priority.

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