As a human, our duty is to love and to be beloved. As it’s said that whatever we give it will come back to you. And one of my teachers said whatever you do today, whatever you give today it will come back to you after a few months or years whether it’s love or hate, respect or insult, it’s up to you what you want to do and give. So we should support each other, help each other and we have to appreciate each other efforts. “It will definitely come back to you in an unexpected way”. It’s my personal experience.
God created this universe with love, care. He divides himself into parts to make this universe. As written in the bible human being is a temple of living God. Humans are the best creation of God. The universe is sustained on five elements that are air, water, fire, earth, space. Only a human-created with all these five elements. All other living things made of certain elements according to their size & nature. For example,
  1. Weather born insects are made of one element only
  2. Plants are made of two elements that are water and air.
  3.  birds are made of three elements that are air, water, earth
  4. Animals are made of four elements that are air, water, fire, earth.
  5. humans created with all these five elements

That’s why it is said that God made humans like him. But as we have seen and experience our life we can say that humans act against nature. Why we need to eat animals if God gave us many crops, fruits to eat. We have to love nature, animals, birds. They are the creation of God. Instead of loving them, we are loving to eat animals & birds, want to be a hunter by killing them, Regularly cut forests to construct roads and buildings but we never think that we are destroying millions of birds and animal houses. We are constantly using mobile phones whereas we already know using mobiles is the reason for the death of sparrows & peacock, its harmful for almost all birds. To be more powerful, making missiles, guns, tanks, and many dangerous weapons and we all know that these things are not good. So we can say that human is the biggest destroyer of nature.

We are almost busy making a technological world and want to control the natural process by making artificial rain, reached on the moon but forget how to live on the earth. When we working on a project to make world technical it has a negative effect on nature. As old people say, the earlier disease was less. And also said there were fewer techniques than now. We can assume that a more technical world creates more pollution that becomes a cause of major diseases.

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