Be grateful for what you have. Appreciate everything and never a complaint. When you pray for something and your wish not completed in that situation instead of complaining to God just think about things which God gives you without asking  Whenever you feel depressed and feel sad because of your life problems in that situation fill your mind with a positive attitude and start focus on things that you have instead that you don’t have.  Just start to think in another way and always be thankful for this beautiful life because no matter what the current situation it will change in God’s ways. Gratitude is an emotion that comes from your heart when you feel the grace of God. It’s similar to the appreciation of the work of your employee, appreciate your mother’s efforts, and positive psychology research has found psychological reasons for making thankful to the people for taking better work from them in future. Do good for others and feel the internal peace of how it gives a glow on your face.

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