Expect Less

Expectations are natural. it’s common in human nature when we start to do something we expect a better result in form of money, appreciation, love. When we born our expectations are connected with our parents. And we expect much love and gift in return for our little effort in the family. As we growing up the scope of our desires and expectations increased. We went to school, college interact with new people and many are becoming a part of our life. The foundation of any relationship is based on giving and take. When we do something for others, little expectations always take place in our minds. And we start to expect little appreciation and return efforts in our hard time from them. It’s common in human nature but when our expectations not fulfilled then we start reacting. And feel hurt.

As per my opinion if we are doing something for others we should take it as an opportunity because we have something to give. And never feel bad if people are unable to appreciate your work and don’t help you back. Just think it’s our nature that we believe in helping others and as a human, it’s our duty to help each other so why hurt. We just need to do our duty. Show your kindness to all in need without any relationship, do whatever you can do, even if you know they cannot help you back. Who is believing in helping others, God will definitely help them in unexpected ways. So we just need to focus on our karma what we are doing, only our action relates to our karma, never try to judge others, their activities relate to their karma. If we know and believe that God is everywhere and he sees everything. Then Why? we are worried about people’s actions whether they are good and bad, saint or thief. So never expect the same behavior from others we all are unique. Because God never creates the same version twice. 

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