Be Kind

 Kindness is your good behavior which makes you a helpful, courteous, gentle, and understanding good heart person. When we start doing something for others without any relation and an expectation that moment gives us real happiness. Kindness act as a development that fixes our wounds, soothes and gives us actual happiness. Our hearts should be such that feel the sadness of even our enemies. Be soft as we can’t see tears even in our enemy’s eyes.

Kindness is working as medicine for depression anxiety and sadness. When we try to heal someone’s wounds then God saves us from all wounds. We can start helping with small random activities. We need to prefer to buy a daily routine thing from small vendors as some people are working just to earn money for food and fulfill their basic needs. We can help them by buying from will be our first step towards kindness when we start accepting all humans whether, black or white, rich or poor we all are the same. Let’s try to do something for those who have no one to care, love, and support. And also help them who have a family but he or she is unable to earn for their basic needs.


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