Be Humam

As we are born in an independent world we all have self-decided goals in life to be achieved. We all are in a race to be successful than one another. We even sacrifice all our principle of life to be more successful. But we often forget that the money earned by dishonesty, the feelings arising out of greed, become the object of sorrow in the end. Never use a false way to earn money it will become a reason for disease in your family and all your unscrupulous money will go to the doctors. The money earned by dishonesty never survives, and the sickness that we have to suffer takes its interest. So never break your principle to earn more money to be more successful. 

If you find someone is very good at something tell him/her that he/she is doing good and must give your wishes for their future. never feel jealous of anyone, jealous put you down just feels happy for everyone. appreciating with words, feel happiness for others, give support in hard times all these acts are free of cost. But we are much busy judging others. As we beloved of God, we should have some following qualities.

  1. Patience in all situations whether it is good or bad.
  2. A beautiful heart filled with love.
  3. Kindness even for the enemy
  4. Power of tolerating the situation
  5. Humbleness
  6. Politeness

We are humans but act like an actual human is the most difficult in today’s time. We are part of nature’s topmost creation but we are behaving like all other creations. our lifecycle is totally like the other four creations of God. We born, study, job, married, kids future, medicine, death. Animal also born from parents, they also work for food as searching food, they also have kids they also taught their kids how to live, served to them. We need to think about why we are calculated in topmost creation, We have born for some special purpose. We are born for a reason, born with some specific duties. that is to help all four creation. To take care of plants by watering them, planting in better soil, planting forests to give homes to millions of animals and birds, and take care of animals and birds by saving this nature and feed them. But we have become the destroyer of nature. And don’t have time to think about these small things. Because we are always busy thinking about how we get more money than others we are in a race to cross others by earn more money and don’t even think about those who don’t have a meal two times a day. 

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