Be A Good Listener

People who give you a lot of time when you’re worried about something, you need to talk about your concerns, trying to understand and help you by Giving Compassion & Sympathy, and a shoulder to sob, they are the unique and hardly findable souls, if you have someone who is caring for you stands with you in good and bad times than you are the lucky one. So we also need to be like a person who can understand problems, show interest in listening to our problems. nature is cooperative, polite, patient. 

People like to speak more than listen, We all want to be a good speaker, to show that our knowledge is greater than all, my perspectives are good for the particular situation rather than others. Sometimes we speak loudly to show we are more effective. But if we want to learn more things than we need to be a good listener we have to speak less and listen to others. This habit is a sign of patience in nature and respect. who have a habit of listening attentively, and sympathetically, are lovable persons. It also gives the speaker encouragement and understanding. It makes us polite. 

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