Respectful, Polite, honest, and kind nature is most important in life to be happy. When we start to appreciate every small thing in life we become happier. We all need to be thankful for nature to give us such wonderful natural things to live. But we all are busy complaining about our small life problems. The topmost creation of God is human so we have to be thankful for this Great life. So we should value all humans feelings, we should respect and support each other.  we meet so many people from different languages from different cultures and totally opposite behavior from us but sometimes they create a deep impact on our life. Learn from every person whether they are good or bad everyone has a different experience. Human life is a great gift from God. Even our breath is an expensive present for us. So we just need to value this life. 

When someone appreciates our efforts towards our work it gives us natural happiness and energy that encourages us to do work better than yesterday. When a Mother cooked food, click her picture before eating and while eating tell her that food is delicious, click her picture after praising her work and compare both pictures you can feel the difference. See the shine of her face by appreciating her work. These small practices will help us to be a responsible and good heart person. Since we are born we have responsibilities on our shoulders for parents because they give us birth, take care of us, support us, family and as life goes on our responsibilities are growing towards our friends, people surrounding us.  
 God gives us rain for harvesting, Moon, and sun with great light which fulfills our health needs helps in harvesting, beautiful nature view. The human is unrepeatable creation, a healthy body is the greatest gift. So we also have duties towards nature. We are part of nature appreciate the random act of nature, love it, let’s start helping nature by helping each other, never hurt animals or birds for your hunger, enjoy the beauty of flowers leaf but never pluck it. 

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