When we start to accept life as a beautiful gift of God and appreciate nature, people and things as blessings of God than life become beautiful and easy for us. Instead of that, we are complaining about things that we don’t have and fill our minds with negative thoughts. Like, when we see beautiful people than we start thinking about our color, height, slim, fat etc. We all are beloved of God whether we are black or white, slim, or fat. We all are good and beautiful because God never makes unnecessary things. 

Acceptance started with you. Accept yourself the way you are. Acceptance is the name of the challenges which we face in our life cycle. In other words, we can say that acceptance is your will power to tolerate the situation. We all once face a situation in life where we can’t accept that state because we expect better results but the situation is against our desires and than we start crying, complaint and this will increase our problems. And it will become a cause of depression. Within, time and experience of life We start to accept .

For example, as we grow up we can clearly perceive the behaviour of our parents how they react differently to our random act. So when we do something good or bad we already know how parents will behave on it. When did something good it will make them happy they will appreciate it and if we did something wrong they will scold us. That is just a start of acceptance in life and with this, small experience of observing behavior we also implement this experience outside the home. In life, we meet many people their way of thinking is different from us. So our views mismatched on a single topic. 

Some people have a positive attitude they will find a light in a very dark situation and some people have a negative attitude they will find darkness in light. So when we start to observe them we already prepared to get their reaction on our action whether it is positive or negative. For example: in a group of three friends one can have a positive attitude, the second friend has open-minded thinking who behave like nonsense and make a joke on every situation and the third friend has a negative attitude who is best in finding bruises in all good things. And when they three will starting talking on life problems and one starts to make a joke about the situation than remain both friends not give an overreaction on their behavior because they understand his/her mindset. These small experiences of understanding each other behavior according to the situation teach us how to tolerate the behavior and how to accept people in the way they are.

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